Irish - A Fomoire druid. All the members of his clan had either one hand or one foot, and the women could change their shape. He was sent by Maev to put a spell on Cuchulainn during the Cattle Raid of Cooley and to harass the forces of Ulster. He sent his twenty-seven sons and a nephew, all looking exactly like Calatin, to attack Cuchulainn but he, with the help of Fiacha mac Fir Feibhe, killed them all He sent three one-eyed witch-daughters to harass Cuchulainn in the final battle, and when he was killed Conal Cearnach cut off the heads of all three. In some accounts he, rather than Lugaid, threw the spear that killed Cuchulainn. Also known as Calatin, Cailidin, Cailidin, Cailitin, Cailitin, Calatine or Calatine.

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