Greek - Son of Boreas and Oreithyia. Brother of Chione and Cleopatra. Twin brother of Zetes. One of the Argonauts. These twins, who had wings, sailed with the Argonauts and chased off the Harpies harassing King Phineus when the Argo called en route to Colchis. It had been decreed that they must catch whatever they pursued and, because they failed to catch the Harpies, they died. Other accounts say that their sister Cleopatra had been imprisoned by her husband, Phineus. Calais and his brother Zetes freed Cleopatra and put her sons on the throne of Salmydessus in place of Phineus. In some accounts, both the brothers were killed by Heracles because they persuaded the Argonauts to sail on without him while he was searching for Hylas. On occassion, known as Calais, Kalais or Kalais.

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