Irish - (c. 525-600). A saint. Son of Laidheach. He started life as a cowherd but was later ordained as a priest. When Colman Beag carried off a nun, the saint appeared in a fiery chariot and Colman surrendered and repented. In one story he saved the king of Osraighe when he was trapped in a burning castle, and in another saved a boy, Dalua, who was being speared by a group of Leinstermen. He was said to have restored a dead girl to life after she and her mother were trapped in the snow. He also had power over animals, banishing from his cell the mice that gnawed his shoes and telling the birds to be silent on the Sabbath. In some lore, occasionally identified as Cainneach, Cainnech, Cainnech, Canice, Canice, Kenneth, Kenneth, Kenny or Kenny.

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