Irish - A warrior poet of the Fianna. Son of Crunnchu. Nephew of Finn mac Cool. In some accounts he came from the realm of the dead and was credited with many fabulous feats of running. It was said that he could run faster than the March wind. He is said to have killed Lugh in battle and he also slew Fothadh Airgtheach. When Mongan's wife was forfeit to Forgall, in an argument about the place where Fothadh had been killed, Cailte arrived just in time to prove Mongan right and save his wife's honour. He was one of the party of nine, led by Goll mac Morna, which recovered Finn's hounds, Bran and Sceolan, when they were stolen by Arthur. When Grania demanded that Finn should get for her a male and female of each of the species of animal in Ireland, it was Cailte who rounded them up and drove them to Tara. In some accounts Cailte later gave these animals to Cormac as ransom for Finn, who was held captive by Cormac. He was with Finn mac Cool and the party of the Fianna trapped in the Quicken Trees Hostel and later with the party that trapped Dermot and Grania in the Wood of Two Tents. In another story he is said to have collected sand, from all the shores of Ireland, each day and taken it to the king 'quicker than a woman can change her mind'. Some say that when his friend Oisin went off with Niam, Caite entered a sidhe and was never seen again while others say that he travelled south and met St Patrick, to whom he related the history of the Fianna. In some accounts, identified as Cailte, Caoilte, Caoilte, Keelta mac Ronan, Keelta mac Ronan, Thin Man, Thin Man, Caoilte mac Rona(i)n, Caoilte mac Rona(i)n, Welsh Sgilti or Welsh Sgilti.

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