Cailleach Bheur

Celtic - A mother-goddess. In Ireland she was envisaged as a triune goddess with Cailleach Bolus and Cailleach Corca Duibhne, but in other accounts is known as Cailleach Bui, wife of Lugh She lived on an island, Inis Boi, where she reared the boy Corc Duibhne and taught him the art of magic. She was the owner of a bull, Tarbh Conraidh, which was turned into a rock by Corc when it swam across a river after a cow. In one story she challenged allcomers to a reaping contest and when she won, as she always did, she cut off her opponent's legs with her scythe. It was said that her phenomenal workrate was due to a chafer in the handle of her reaping hook and Big Donag MacManus saved himself when he pulled off the handle, releasing the chafer which ran away. In Scotland she was regarded as a creator-goddess, a hag with only one eye, which was set in the centre of her forehead. She carried a huge basket of the materials needed for making the earth and the hills; the Hebrides are said to be made from rocks which fell from her basket. When her son ran off with a maiden she tried to separate them by raising great storms, but when she raised one that threatened all life on earth, her son hit back and sent her packing. This ability to raise storms was an attribute of the alternative form of Cailleach Bheur as a water spirit . Others say that she was the goddess of winter who was turned to stone at Beltane, 30 April, and reborn every Samhain, 31 October. Also commonly referred to as Cailleach Bheur, Bera, Bera, Scota, Scota, Boi, Boi, Cailleach Beara, Cailleach Beara, Old Woman, Old Woman of Beara, Cailleach Bhearra, Cailleach Bhearra, Cailleach Bui, Cailleach Bui, Cailleach Mov, Cailleach Mov, Caillech Bherri, Caillech Bherri, Hag of Beara, Hag of Beara, Digdi, Digdi, Dirri, Old Woman (of Beara), Old Woman (of Beara), Old Woman of Dingle, Old Woman of Dingle, Manx Caillagh ny Groamagh, Manx Caillagh ny Groamagh, Scottish Muilearteach, Scottish Muilearteach, Scota, Scota, Muilearteach or Muilearteach.

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