Greek - A nymph. Daughter of Elatus. Mother of Coronus. She was a nymph, Caenis, who persuaded Poseidon, who had raped her, to change her into a man, Caenus, and in this form she sailed with the Argonauts and joined the hunt for the Calydonian boar. He was killed in a battle with the Centaurs at the wedding of Perithous and Hippodamia. It was said that he was hammered into the ground by the Centaurs because he was invulnerable to weapons. His soul became a yellow-winged bird, which soared into the heavens or, in some accounts, reached the underworld, where it became female once again. On occassion, referred to as Caenus, Caeneus, Caeneus, Caneus, Caenis, Caenis, Kaineus, Kaineus, Ca(e)neus or Ca(e)neus.

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