Greek - A sun-god. King of Thebes. Son of Agenor and Telephassa. Brother of Cilix, Europa and Phoenix. Husband of Harmonia. Father of Agave, Autonoe, Illyrius, Ino, Polydorus and Semele. He was said to have founded Thebes and introduced the alphabet. When his sister Europa was abducted by Zeus in the form of a bull, Cadmus spent some time searching for her but he gave up the search on the advice of the Delphic Oracle and built a city, Thebes, on the site where the cow he was told to follow stopped for rest. He killed the serpent guarding the Castalian spring and sowed its teeth to produce a crop of Sown Men who fought amongst themselves till only five, the Sparti, were left alive and they became servants of Cadmus, helping him to build the city of Thebes. He was condemned by Athena to serve as a slave to Ares for eight years for killing the serpent. In later years he conquered Illyria and fathered a son whom he called Illyrius. Some say that he was given the throne by Agave who had killed her husband, King Lycotherses. At the end of his life he was changed by Ares into a black serpent and sent to the Islands of the Blessed together with Harmonia, who was similarly changed. Sometimes referred to as Cadmus, Kadmos or Kadmos.

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