Greek - Mystic blacksmiths, fertility-gods of Lemnos, etc. Originally Phrygian deities, they were said to number seven (corresponding with the sun, planets, etc.) sons of Kettu and brothers of Eshmun, who survived the flood and were taken into the Greek pantheon where, in some accounts, they appeared as two dwarfs who were descended from Hephaestus and who saved shipwrecked sailors. Some say they were sons of Uranus or Zeus by Calliope; others say they were sons of Proteus. Other versions say that there were four - Axiocercus and his son Cadmilus, and two females known as Axieros and Axiocerca, while some say that Cadmilus was the son of Cabeiros. Some stories say that they acted as servants of Persephone, others identified them with the Dioscuri. In the Roman pantheon, they are sometimes identified with the Penates. Sometimes known as Cabeiri, Cabiri, Cabiri, Kabeiroi, Kabeiroi, Kabir, Kabir, Kab(e)iroi or Kab(e)iroi.

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