East Indian - The Dayaks regard this animal as their ancestor. Occasionally known as buffalo.
Hindu - The transport of Chamunda. Sometimes referred to as buffalo.


North American - One of the 4 Kindred Gods of the Sioux. Sometimes referred to as Buffalo.
North American - In the lore of the American Indian. Tribes, a race of people with horns. By striking a knot in a cottonwood tree, these people released the humans who lived underground beneath the tree and hunted them like animals, killing them and eating their flesh. Cut-Nose, the first to emerge, managed to escape and returned safely to the tree. Another young man who escaped married Buffalo Girl, one of the Buffalo race. They made bows and arrows and left them by the tree so that, when the Buffalo people next knocked on the tree, the humans emerged and, seizing the weapons, killed their persecutors who then turned into real buffaloes. The children of Buffalo Girl and her husband became the ancestors of the Arikara. Also known as Buffalo.

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