British - Leader of a band of Trojans. King of Britain. Son of Silvius. Great-grandson of Aeneas. Husband of Imogen. Father of Albanact, Camber and Locrin. It was prophesied that he would kill both his parents and establish a great kingdom. His mother died after three days in labour when he was born. When Brutus was fifteen he shot and killed his father in a hunting accident and was exiled to Greece. There he led the Trojan slaves of King Pandrasus in a revolt, capturing the king who gave him his daughter Imogen as a wife, and ships and supplies so that the Trojans could sail west. He then led the Trojans across the sea to Gaul where they met Corineus, a son of Heracles, leader of the descendants of the Trojans who had been led there by Antenor after the fall of Troy. Some of his men stayed in Gaul but Brutus and Corineus led the others north to Britain where they conquered the native race of giants, capturing Gog and Magog, and Brutus became king of Britain. In some accounts, he is the same as Britto. Occasionally known as Brutus, Brit, Brit, Britto, Britto, Brut, Brut, Brute or Brute.
Roman - Founder of the Republic. Son of Tarquinia. Father of Tiberius and Titus. When consulted by Brutus, Arruns and Titus, the Delphic oracle said that the first to kiss his mother would become ruler of Rome. Brutus pretended to trip over and kissed mother earth. When Lucretia killed herself after being raped by Sextus, Brutus swore to expel the Tarquins and set up a republic. His own sons, Tiberius and Titus, were accused of plotting to restore the deposed Tarquins and were tried and convicted. Brutus watched as they were flogged and executed. When Tarquinius Brutus met in single combat and each killed the other. Occasionally referred to as Brutus, Brit, Brit, Britto, Britto, Brut, Brut, Brute or Brute.

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