Brown Bull of Cooley

Irish - A famous bull of Ulster. Friuch and Rucht changed shape many times in a long-running feud and, in the form of worms, were swallowed by two cows, being reborn as the bulls Whitehorn and Donn. Queen Maev of Connaught owned Whitehorn and wanted Donn, the Brown Bull of Cooley, as well, so she and her husband Ailell invaded Ulster to seize it. Macha, the war-goddess, had put a spell on the warriors of Ulster and only Cuchulainn was able to defend his county. The bull was taken by Ailell's army and taken to Connaught where it fought with Whitehorn and killed it, carrying its body back to Ulster. In the course of the battle, Bricciu, who had been asked to judge the battle, was trampled to death. In one account Donn fell dead soon after, in another it died when it charged a rock, mistaking it for another bull. Also called Brown Bull of Cooley, Brown Bull of Quelgny, Brown Bull of Quelgny, Dark One of Cooley, Dark One of Cooley, Donn Cuailnge, Donn Cuailnge, Dubh Cuailnge, Dubh Cuailnge, Donn (Cuailnge) or Donn (Cuailnge).

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