Norse - A beautiful necklace made by the dwarfs and given to Freya. In some stories Freya gave herself to four of the dwarfs, Alfrigg, Berling, Dvalin and Grerr, as payment for the necklace. It was once stolen by Loki in the form of a flea, but he was spotted by Heimdall and was forced to return it after the two of them had fought in many different guises. She lent it to Thor when he dressed as a bride for Thrym in place of Freya. In the story of Beowulf, he received this necklace from Wealtheow, Queen of Denmark, as a gift when he killed Grendel and the monster's mother. Sometimes referred to as Brisingamen, Brising necklace, Brising necklace, Brosingamene, Brosingamene, Sviagris, Sviagris, Sviagriss, Sviagriss, Sviagris(s) or Sviagris(s).

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