Hindu - A sage. One of the Seven Rishis. Son of Brahma or Manu. Father of Chyavana by Puloma. Father of Lakshmi by Khyati and of Shukra, some say. He seized Puloma, the wife of a demon, fathering Chyavana on her, and, when Agni told the demon who the abductor was, Brighu cursed the god with an insatiable appetite. In an attempt to ascertain which of the three major deities was most worthy of veneration, Brighu visited each in turn and was less than respectful to all of them. Bramha only scolded him, Shiva would have burnt him to a cinder but he saved himself with an abject apology and Vishnu, whom he kicked to wake him up, merely enquired whether the sage had hurt his foot and massaged it. As a result, Brighu advised people to worship Vishnu. When Shiva lost his temper at being excluded from a sacrifice by Daksha, he attacked many of those present, including Brighu who had his beard pulled off. Helped by Matarisvan, Brighu overcame the demon Makha. He is credited with the discovery of fire in some accounts. Sometimes known as Brighu, Bhrgu, Bhrgu, Bhrigu, Bhrigu, Br(i)ghu, Br(i)ghu, Prajapati, Prajapati, Angiras, Brahma, Daksha, Hiranya-garbha, Indra, Kashyapa, Lord of Creation, Lord of Creatures, Lord of Progeny, Manu, Matsya, Narada, Pitri, Pulashtya, Savitri, Seven Rishis, The, Soma, Tvashtri, Vashishtha or Vishvamitra.

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