Bricciu's Feast

Irish - A feast arranged by the satirist Bricciu. He put on a feast at which he provoked an argument between Cuchulainn, Conall Cearnach and Loaghaire Buadhach over the carving of the roast. To decide who was the greater champion they were tested by Curoi, in the form of a giant, and by Maev who put wildcats in their room. In each case Cuchulainn was the winner, but the other two refused to accept this verdict. A third test, by Curoi as a bachlach or phantom, settled the matter in favour of Cuchulainn. He challenged all three to a beheading match. All three beheaded the bachlach, who picked up his severed head and jumped into a lake. Next day, fully restored, he claimed his part of the wager and Cuchulainn put his head on the block awaiting the axe. The bachlach spared his life in admiration for his bravery. Some versions say that Muinremuir was also involved in the beheading match. In some accounts Bricciu, a troublemaker, stirred up trouble and conjured up a demon called The Terrible who was involved in the beheading match. Others tell very much the same story about Dubhthach Daol Uladh and Uath. Bricciu judged the fight between the Brown Bull of Cooley and Whitehorn and was trampled to death under their hooves. Occasionally identified as Bricciu's Feast, Feast of Bricciu, Feast of Bricciu, Terrible, The or Terrible, The.

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