Brian Boru

Irish - (926-1014). A high-king of Ireland. Son of Cinnéide. Brother of Mathghamhain. Husband of Gormlaith. Father of Donnchadh, Murchadh and Saba. One story says that by showing kindness to a starving woman he learned the password of an adjoining Norse fort and was able to gain access with a party of his men and slaughter the garrison. When the Norsemen stationed one soldier in every house, he organised a simultaneous rising whereby each household killed its unwelcome guest. Despite being warned of his fate by Aoibheall, Brian led the Irish to victory over the Vikings at the Battle of Clontarf but he was killed there by the Dane, Brodir. His eldest son Murthadh also died in this battle. At times, known as Brian Boru, Dubhlainn, Dubhlainn, Dubhlaing, Dublaing, Dub(h)laing, Bryan Boru or Bryan Boru.

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