Hindu - A sky-god, chaplain of the gods and lord of prayer. The planet Jupiter as a god. Son of Angiras. Husband of Tara. Father of Kaca. Father of Agni, some say. In some accounts his parents were Dyaus and Prithivi, while others say that he was created by Tvashri. His wife was abducted by Chandra (Soma) and bore a child, Budha. Brahma had to intervene to prevent a war between them and Brhaspati reared Budha as his own son. He is depicted with 100 wings, horns and seven mouths, and carries a bow and an axe. His chariot, drawn by eight horses, is known as Nitighosha. Some equate him with Vrihaspati; others regard them as separate deities. Also commonly known as Brhaspati, Brahmanaspati, Brahmanaspati, Brihaspati, Brihaspati, Vrhaspati, Vrhaspati, Vrihaspati, Vrihaspati, Dhis(h)ana, Dhis(h)ana, Ganapati, Ganapati, Ganesha, Great Father, Great Father, Dagda, Rainbow Snake, Jyeshtharaja, Jyeshtharaja, Purohita, Purohita, Sadasapati, Sadasapati, Bali Bagaspati or Bali Bagaspati.

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