British - Son of Dunvallo Molmutius and Tonwenna. Brother of Belinus. He was a sub-king under Belinus after the death of their father, but he planned to take over the whole realm so he married the daughter of the king of Norway and sailed for Britain with an army. His bride was captured en route by the Danish king, and both were taken by Belinus when their ship was forced ashore in Britain. When Brennius landed he was defeated and fled to Gaul and the princess was taken to Denmark by the Danish king. He later made another attempt to take the kingdom with an army from Gaul, but at the behest of their mother Tonwenna the brothers finally made peace and together they conquered Gaul and sacked Rome. He is regarded as a mortal form of the god Bran. Sometimes called Brennius, Gaulish Brennus or Gaulish Brennus.

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