Irish - A king of Leinster. Son of Eochu and Feidhilm. Brother of Aodan. He was one of a pair of twin boys born to Feidhilm, and their father, Eochu, exchanged Brandubh's brother for one of the twin girls born at the same time to Ingheanach, wife of Gabhrian. He took Dubh Lacha, the wife of Mongan, who had offered the king whatever he might wish as a gift. Mongan got her back only by using magic to transform an old woman into a lovely young girl and then substituting her for his wife. When Aedh's son, Cumascach, demanded the right to sleep with the king's wife, Brandubh locked him in a house and set it on fire. He was persuaded to allow the satirist, Glasdamh, to come out but Cumascach escaped in his place, only to be killed by one of Brandubh's soldiers. Aedh attacked the province with a large army to avenge his son's death. In some accounts he fought and killed Aedh, high-king of Ireland, at the Battle of Dun Bolg, when Aedh tried to collect the annual tribute, the boramha, although others say that it was one of his men, Ron Cerr, who killed Aedh. In later years, his brother, Aodan, invaded Leinster but Feidhilm, recognizing her second son, persuaded him to make peace with Brandubh. It was said that Brandubh was killed by Saran and returned to life by St Maodhog so that he might receive the last rites. Brandubh had no wish to return to this world and died after being shriven. On occassion, identified as Brandubh.


Irish - A board game. This game features in various stories of gods and heroes. Also commonly identified as brandubh.

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