Norse - God of poetry and music. Son of Odin and Gunlod. Husband of Idun. Gunlod was guarding the three containers full of the blood of Svasir in a cave in the middle of a mountain. Odin got access to her with the help of Baugi who bored a hole that Odin, in the form of a snake, slipped through. Odin then resumed his god-like form and stayed with Gunlod for several days, fathering Bragi. At his birth, the dwarfs gave Bragi a golden harp and set him afloat in a boat, which carried him out of the subterranean darkness, whereupon he began to sing and play the harp. Landing, he walked through the woods and met Idun whom he married and they went off to Valhalla where he became the god of poetry and music. He receives fallen heroes in Valhalla and is depicted with long white hair and beard and carries his golden harp. Also referred to as Bragi, Brage or Brage.

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