European - A warrior maid. Daughter of Aymon and Beatrice. Sister of Alardo, Guichard, Ricardo, Ricciardetto and Rinaldo. Wife of Rogero. She found herself in battle with Rodomont when he invaded France, but Rogero separated them. She travelled on with Rogero and they were attacked by a group of knights. They defeated their attackers but she was wounded. When she was challenged by Sacripant she engaged him in single combat, defeated him and rode off leaving him on foot. She had fallen in love with Rogero and set out to find him. She was persuaded by Pinabel to go to the rescue of his fiancée, who had been abducted by an enchanter on a winged horse. This was Atlantes riding a hippogriff. When Pinabel discovered that Bradamante was a member of a family that had long feuded with his own, he abandoned her in a cave from which she could not escape. She was taken from there to the tomb of Merlin by the priestess Melissa and was given instructions on how to find her love. She then met the dwarf Brunello and took his magic ring, travelling next to the castle in the Pyrenees where Atlantes was holding Rogero prisoner. Her ring enabled her to overcome the magic of Atlantes and she bound him in chains and freed Rogero and the other prisoners. Rogero tried to ride the hippogriff but could not control it and was carried off. Bradamante was sent to govern Marseilles and Melissa appeared to tell her that Rogero had once again been captured by Atlantes. She set off to rescue him but, deceived by the magician who conjured up an illusion of Rogero, she too was captured. Astolpho, protected by the book and horn he had been given by Logestilla, rescued her with Rogero and the other captives. Rogero decided to embrace Christianity so that he could marry Bradamante, but was wounded in a fight with Mandricardo to settle the ownership of the sword Durindana. When he was late in arriving for their planned wedding Bradamante went in search of him. En route she met Flordelis who persuaded her to rescue Florismart from the hands of Rodomont. She met him on the bridge and, with the aid of Astolpho's magic lance, defeated Rodomont who then gave up his defence of the bridge and released all his prisoners, including Florismart and Oliver. At the end of the war between Charlemagne and Agramant, she hoped to marry Rogero, now a Christian, but her parents wanted her to marry Leo, son of the emperor Constantine. She persuaded Charlemagne to decree that she should marry only the man who could defeat her in single combat. Leo, in return for releasing Rogero from prison, had exacted a promise from him that he would fight Bradamante in the guise of Leo. He won the contest and departed in despair, but when Leo heard of his distress he gave up his claim to her hand and Bradamante finally married Rogero. In some lore, occasionally identified as Bradamante, Bradmante, Bradmante, Bramante, Bramante, Bra(d)mante or Bra(d)mante.

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