Greek - God of the north wind. Son of Aeolus, Astraeus or Strymon. By Eos. Husband of Oreithyia. Father of Chione, Cleopatra, H(a)emus and the twins Calais and Zetes. Failing to get the consent of her father Erechtheus to marry Orithyia, Boreas carried her off and married her. It is said that disguised as a stallion he mated with twelve of the mares of Erichthonius (or Poseidon) to produce twelve fillies that could run over the waves. When Pan fell in love with the nymph Pitis, Boreas became jealous and threw her to her death from a cliff. She was turned into a pine tree. Boreas is usually depicted as purplehaired with wings and a beard, blowing a conch shell. Sometimes called Boreas, Aparctias, Aparctias, Boreias, Boreias, Roman Aquilo or Roman Aquilo.

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