Bodb Dearg

Irish - A Danaan king of Munster. Son of the Dagda and Boann, some say. Father of Aedh, Conchenn, Daireann, Mesca, Saba and Uirne. Foster father of Alva, Aobh and Aoife. Some say he was the brother of Boann and the Dagda and found the identity of the girl Caer Ibormeith, loved by Angus. He became leader of the Danaans when the Dagda resigned following the defeat by the Milesians. Mider objected to this arrangement and enlisted the Fianna to fight on his side against the new leader. Aobh and Aoife. Aobh married Lir and gave him four children but died in childbirth. He then married Aoife who turned her stepchildren into swans. When Bodb Dearg learned of this, he turned Aoife into a flying demon. Some say that he was the father of Alva, Aobh and Aoife, rather than their foster father. In some accounts, he is regarded as a rather violent aspect of Donn Dumhach. In some accounts, called Bodb Dearg, Bodh Derg, Bodh Derg, Bor, Bor, Borve, Borve, Bov Dearg, Bov Dearg, Dearg, Dearg, Da Derga, Derg, Derg, Bodb the Red, Bodb the Red, (Bodh) Derg, (Bodh) Derg, Bor(ve), Bor(ve), Children of Lir, Children of Lir, Aedh, Aobh, Conn, Fiachra, Fionuala, Lir or Oidead Clainne Lir.

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