South American - A culture hero of the Chibcha Indians. A sun-god, some say. Husband of Chia, some say. He was a mortal who taught his tribe the arts of agriculture, construction, etc., who after his death became a god. When the land was flooded by Chia or Chibchacum, he manifested himself in the rainbow, formed a channel to divert the waters into the sea and, appearing as the sun-god Zuhé, dried the land. Some say that when he left the world he carried the sky on his shoulders; others say that he punished Chibchacum for sending the flood, forcing him to carry this burden. At times, referred to as Bochica, Chimizapagua, Chimizapagua, Chiminigagué, Nemquetcha, Sua, Sua, Sugunsua, Sugunsua, Bohica, Xu(h)e, Xu(h)e, Zuhé, Zuhé or Xuhé.

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