Irish - A water-goddess, goddess of the Boyne. Queen of Ireland. Mother of Angus mac Og by the Dagda. Mother of Brian, Iuchar and Iucharba, some say. Sister of Be Find. In some stories she was the wife of Elcmar and was seduced by the Dagda while her husband was away from home. Some say she was the sister of Bodb Dearg or his mother by the Dagda, others that she had an affair with Uaithne, harpist of the Dagda, and they had three sons known as Gentrade, Goltrade and Suantrade. In other acounts she was the wife of the water-god Nechtan, who owned a magic well of knowledge known as the Well of Segais. She defied the rules by walking round the well, which then flooded over and drowned her. Some say she escaped and the waters ran off to form the river Boyne. In some accounts, identified as Boann, Bo Fionn, Bo Fionn, Boanan, Boanan, Boand, Boand, Boannan, Boannan, Boind, Boind, Boinn, Boinn, Buan-ann, Buan-ann, Buana, Buana, Boan(n)an, Boan(n)an, Buanu or Buanu.

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