Blue Jay

African - A man of the Ila tribe. In one account he took as a second wife the daughter of a god who warned Blue Jay never to let her eat meat from a large animal. His jealous first wife gave her some zebra meat and she died. When the god was told what had happened, he took both his daughter and Blue Jay up to heaven. Halfway there, the god threw Blue Jay to earth and killed him. Known as Blue Jay.
North American - A culture hero and trickster-god. Brother of Ioi. In the lore of the Mohawk, the bird who scared off the demon Tawiskaron. He also separated the Siamese twins born to Aqua-Xena-Xenas and his wife. The Chinook say that he exhumed the body of the daughter of a chief and took her to the land of the Supernatural People where she was restored to life and married Blue Jay. When her father demanded Blue Jay's hair as compensation, he changed into a bird and flew off. His wife died a second death and his sister Ioi was claimed by the dead. When he found Ioi she was surrounded by piles of bones, which then became human beings again. Blue Jay turned them back into bones and mixed them all up so that they all had mismatched parts when they next materialised. In another story, Ioi gave him five buckets of water with which to put out the prairie fires. He was badly burned and died. Another story says that while in the land of the Supernatural People he accepted a challenge to a diving contest and won by the trick of coming up several times to draw breath under a mat of reeds while his opponent tried to outlast him on only one lungful. In another contest, climbing a pinnacle of ice, he again cheated and won by using his wings to fly upwards, but when a whale-catching contest was arranged Blue Jay fell into the sea and was drowned. At times, identified as Blue Jay.

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