British - A non-human, in Welsh lore. A 'woman' created by the magic of Math and Gwydion as a wife for Llew, who had been raised by Gwydion and who was prevented by a curse, placed on him by his mother, from marrying a mortal woman. She had a lover Gronw Pebyr, and they planned to kill Llew. When the plan failed, Gwydion turned Blodeuedd into an owl. Also known as Blodeuedd, Blodenwedd, Blodenwedd, Blodeuwedd, Blodeuwedd, Flower Aspect, Flower Aspect, Flower Face, Flower Face, Flowerface, Flowerface, Twyll Huan, Twyll Huan, Irish Blathnat, Irish Blathnat, Olwen, Olwen, May Queen, White Goddess, Niwalen, White Goddess or White Track.

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