Irish - Daughter of Mend. Wife of King Curoi. Mother of Lugaid. She had been carried off from a raid in Scotland and forcibly married by Curoi, king of Munster. She betrayed the secret of her husband's soul to her lover Cuchulainn. Nobody could find the entrance to the king's castle so she poured milk into a stream to guide Cuchulainn, who killed Curoi and carried her off. One of her husband's servants, the bard Fer Cherdne, seized her as she left, jumping over a cliff and killing both Blathnat and himself. In some accounts she was a woman of the Otherworld, and the daughter of Midir. Also known as Blathnat, Blanad, Blanad, Blanaid, Blanaid, Blanid, Blanid, Blathnaid, Blathnaid, Blathnad, Blathnad, Blana(i)d, Blana(i)d, Blathine, Blathine, Welsh Blodeuwedd or Welsh Blodeuwedd.

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