Black of Sainglenn

Irish - A horse of Cuchulainn. This was one of the two horses born at the same time as Cuchulainn. The other was Grey of Macha. Another version says that this horse was born in the Black Lake of Sainglenn and returned there on the death of his master. Sometimes referred to as Black of Sainglenn, Black Sainglend, Black Sainglend, Black Saingliu, Black Saingliu, Dub Sanglainn, Dub Sanglainn, Dubh Sainglainh, Dubh Sainglainh, Dubsainglend, Dubsainglend, Dubsainglu, Dubsainglu, BlackSainglend, BlackSainglend, Black, Black, Saingliu, Saingliu, DubhSa(i)nglainn or DubhSa(i)nglainn.

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