Norse - A rich landowner. Husband of Rannweig. Son of Helgi. When his head groom, Thord, was killed by Thorstein after an argument about the result of a horse fight, Bjarni sent two of his retainers, Thorhall and Thorvald, to exact vengeance. Thorstein killed both of them and sent them back to Bjarni tied on to a horse. Goaded by his wife, Bjarni set out himself to kill Thorstein but, great fighter though he was, he met his match. They fought each other to a standstill and became friends, with Thorstein becoming Bjarni's loyal servant. Another version says that Helgi's father was killed by his own brother-inlaw, Geitir, and Helgi set out to avenge his death, which he did by killing Geitir. Geitir's son, Thorkell, tried to exact revenge on Bjarni. They fought and both were seriously wounded but they recovered, became reconciled and remained lifelong friends. At times, referred to as Bjarni.

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