Tibetan - A Buddhist-Lamaist god. One of the Mahapancharajas, King of Deeds. He is depicted with six eyes in each of his three heads and with six arms. He rides a white lion or a red tiger. At times, identified as Bihar, Bi-har, Bi-har, Pe-har, Pe-har, Pe-kar, Pe-kar, Pehar, Pehar, Pekar, Pekar, Pelear, Pelear, Tin-le-gyal-po, Tin-le-gyal-po, Tin-le-gyi-gyal-po, Prin-las-gyi-rgyal-po, Yon-tan-rgyal-po, Yon-tan-rgyal-po, Yon-ten-gyal-po, Tin-legyal-po, Tin-legyal-po, Nach-un or Nach-un.

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