Bevis of Southampton

British - A knight of King Arthur's court. Son of Guy. Husband of Josian. He was reared by his uncle, Saber, when his mother killed his father, remarried and wanted to be rid of the boy. He was later sold as a slave and given to the Armenian king, Ermyn, whose daughter Josian fell in love with the young Briton. Ermyn gave him a horse, Arundel, and a sword, Morglay. He killed a huge boar and the dragon of Colein and defeated Brandamond of Damascus. When he was captured and held in prison he killed the two huge snakes that were introduced into his cell, and escaped and eloped with Josian who became a Christian and married him. It was said that he killed two lions with a single blow and defeated the giant Ascapart, who became his servant. On his return to Britain, his lands and titles were restored to him. Occasionally identified as Bevis of Southampton.

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