Ben Bulben

Irish - A mountain in Sligo. It was here that Finn mac Cool, on a hunting trip, found his son Oisin and where Dermot met his death, killed by the boar that had been charged to kill him. In some accounts Ben Bulben is used as the name for the owner of the boar or for the animal itself, but the 'owner' is usually regarded as Roc, who turned his dead son into the boar. Occasionally known as Ben Bulben, Bean Ghulbhan, Bean Ghulbhan, Beann Ghulbhan, Beann Ghulbhan, Benbulben, Benbulben, Bulban, Bulban, Ghulbhan, Ghulbhan, Gulban, Gulban, Gulbhan, Gulbhan, Roc, Roc, Beann Ghulb(h)an, Beann Ghulb(h)an, G(h)ulb(h)an, G(h)ulb(h)an, Roc or Roc.

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