Celtic - A festival held on 1 May. This feast in honour of Belinus, or in some accounts, Partholan, is said to commemorate the arrival of the Milesians in Ireland. During this festival every wren that could be caught was killed because, it was said, a wicked siren who lured men to death in the sea had taken the form of this little bird. Also known as Beltane, Bealtaine, Bealtaine, Bealtuinn, Bealtuinn, Beltaine, Beltaine, Beltan, Beltan, Beltene, Beltene, Beltern, Beltern, Beltine, Beltine, Cetsamain, Cetsamain, Cetshamain, Cetshamain, Day of Beltane, Day of Beltane, Laa Boaldyn, Laa Boaldyn, Samradh, Samradh, Baltern, Baltern, Be(a)ltaine, Be(a)ltaine, Cets(h)amain, Cets(h)amain, Day of Beltaine, Day of Beltaine, Welsh Calan Mai or Welsh Calan Mai.

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