Greek - A prince of Corinth. Son of Glaucus or Poseidon and Eurynome. Brother of Deliades. Husband of Philonoe or Eurymede. Father of Hippolochus, Isander and Laodamia. His original name was Hipponous; he was called Bellerophon after he killed Bellerus in an accident. Others say it was his own brother, Deliades, who was killed. He fled to Tiryns where the king, Proetus, purified him of murder, and Anteia, the king's wife, accused him of attempting rape when he rejected her advances. Neither Proetus nor his father-in-law, Iobates, to whom Bellerophon was sent, wished to kill a guest so Iobates asked Bellerophon to destroy the monster Chimaera, hoping he would be killed in the attempt. The prophet Polyidus advised him to capture Pegasus, the winged horse, for the attempt and Athene gave him a golden bridle that made this possible. Riding on Pegasus over the monster he killed it by shooting his arrows into it or, in another version, forcing lead into its mouth which, melting in its hot breath, choked it to death. Iobates sent him off to fight the Solymi and then the Amazons and he was again the victor in each case, so Iobates allowed him to marry his daughter, Philonoe. In some accounts he avenged himself on Anteia by taking her for a ride on Pegasus and pushing her off when they were flying at a great height. He foolishly tried to ride up to Olympus but was thrown either because Pegasus was not prepared to attempt the journey or because Zeus sent a gadfly to sting Pegasus. In either case, he fell into a thorny bush and was blinded or lamed, ending his days wandering the earth. On occassion, known as Bellerophon, Bellerophontes, Bellerophontes, Deophontes, Deophontes, Hipponous, Hipponous, Leophontes or Leophontes.

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