British - A king of Britain. A humanised version of Beli or Belin, the Celtic god of light and crops. Son of Dunvallo Molmutius and Tonwenna. Son of Minocan, some say. Brother of Brennius. His brother, Brennius, married the daughter of the king of Norway and sailed for Britain with an army intent on taking over all the kingdom. The Danish king captured the bride en route, and they both fell into the hands of Belinus when they were forced to land in Britain. Brennius was defeated and fled to Gaul. When Brennius made a further attempt to invade Britain with an army from Gaul, their mother made the brothers patch up their quarrel and together they conquered Gaul and sacked Rome. On occassion, known as Belinus, Bel, Bel, Beli, Belenos, Belenos, Belenus, Belenus, Belin, Belin, Bellinus, Bellinus, Lord of Therapy, Lord of Therapy, Artepomaros, Artepomaros, Irish Bilé, Irish Bilé, Beli, Roman Apollo, Roman Apollo, Shakespeare Cymbeline, Shakespeare Cymbeline, Welsh Beli Mawr or Welsh Beli Mawr.

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