Mesopotamian - The Sumerian moon-goddess, goddess of love, the underworld, trees, wells and springs. Sister and wife of Dumuzi. She helped Dumuzi when he changed into a gazelle in an attempt to escape his fate in the underworld. Also identified as Belili, Geshtinanna, Geshtinanna, Gestin-Ana, Gestin-Anna, Lady of the Vine, Lady of the Wilderness, Nin Edin, Recorder of Heaven and Hell, Gestin-An(a)a, Akkadian Belet-Seri, White Goddess, White Goddess, Artemis, Artemis Caryatis, Cybele, Demeter, Freya, Hag of the Mill, Ino, Leucippe, Marpessa, Olwen or Samothea.

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