British - God of light. A king of Britain. Son of Manogan and Ana. Husband of Don. Father of Aranrhod, Amaethon, Caswallawn, Gilvaethwy, Govannon, Gwydion, Llefelys, Lludd, Nynniaw, Peibaw and Penardun. In some accounts he was the brother of Cunobelinus and father of Avalloc. On occassion, referred to as Beli.
Norse - A Frost Giant. God of storms. Son of Kari. Son of Ymir, some say. Son or brother of Gymer. Brother of Gerda, Thiassi and Thrym. When his sister Gerda married Frey, Beli tried to kill him. Frey had given his sword to Skirnir who had wooed Gerda on Frey's behalf. He used a stag's horn (or his fist) to defend himself and kill Beli. In some accounts he abducted Freya hoping to force her to marry one of his three sons, known as Grep, but she refused all of them. Sometimes referred to as Beli.

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