Norse - Son of the king of Sogn. Son of Skate, some say. Brother of Ingeborg. Father of Halfdan, Helgé and Ingeborg. Jokul conquered the kingdom, killed the king and exiled Belé. Thorsten married Belé's sister, Ingeborg, and found Belé, restoring him to the throne. He joined Thorsten and Angantyr in many sea raids and accompanied Thorsten on the expedition to Bretland when they recovered the magic armlet made by Volund and stolen by the pirate Soté, who had buried himself alive with the treasure. When he and Thorsten died they were interred in barrows within sight of each other. Also commonly identified as Belé, Belaye or Belaye.


General - A demon said to take possession of people. In some lore, occasionally known as Bele.

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