South American - A creator spirit of the Chaco Indians. He first made the world and then used the few grains left over to make the first humans. In some references, called Beetle, Ishits, Ishits, Beetle or beetle.


General - An insect featured in many mythologies; (1) The Egyptians believed that there was no female of the species and that reproduction occurred when a male beetle rolled a ball of ox dung from east to west and buried it for twenty-eight days. On the 29th day the beetle pushed the ball of dung into water and a new insect emerged. (2) The Finns regard beetles as the souls of the dead and they are consulted by young girls wishing to know their marriage prospects. (3) In Hebrew lore beetles repro - duced themselves while walking backwards towards the west. (4) In North America the Hopi carried beetles in battle, saying that they were helpful spirits who could cover their owner's tracks. The Zuni feed a beetle to one struck by lightning as an antidote. They also say that Coyote buried a beetle in the neutral land he marked off between tribes and that anybody who cultivated this land would go blind - like a beetle. Occasionally identified as beetle, Ishits, Ishits, Beetle, beetle or Beetle.

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