European - Wife of Oriant. Mother of Elias and Oriant. When she gave birth to septuplets her mother-in-law, Matabrune, gave the children to her own servant, Marcon, with orders that they be killed. They survived, but six of them turned into swans when the silver necklets that had been round their necks at birth were removed. In later years, Oriant, persuaded by Matabrune, ordered that Beatrix be burnt at the stake but she was saved by the seventh child, Elias the Swan Knight, who had Matabrune burnt in her place. Occasionally known as Beatrix.
European - Daughter of the duchess of Bouillon. Wife of Elias. Mother of Oda. She married Elias when he saved her mother from the usurper, Reinier. At times, called Beatrix.

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