Norse - A giant. Brother of Suttung. Suttung had been given the three containers of the magic brew, the Mead of Inspiration, made by the dwarfs Fialar and Galar from the blood of the sage Kvasir, whom they had killed. It was then hidden in the centre of a mountain and guarded by his daughter Gunlod. Odin, disguised as a mortal, Bolwerk, enlisted the aid of Baugi to get the magic brew. He sharpened the scythes of Baugi's workmen who, quarrelling over possession of his magic whetstone, killed themselves. Odin completed their work of harvest and Baugi discharged his debt to Odin by helping him. Using a magic auger Rati, he bored a small hole through the side of the mountain through which Odin, in the form of a snake, was able to slide into Gunlod's cave. In some references, referred to as Baugi, Bauge or Bauge.

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