Battle of Godeu

British - A battle fought by forces led by Amaethon and Gwydion against the forces of Arawn, in Welsh lore. The battle was fought to recover the lapwing, the whelp and the white roebuck that Amaethon had stolen from Arawn's kingdom. It was won by the forces of Amaethon when Gwydion correctly guessed the name of Bran, who fought on the side of Arawn. In this battle, Gwydion used his magic to turn the grasses and trees into warriors to take on the monsters and serpents fighting on behalf on Arawn. In some accounts, called Battle of Godeu, Battle of Achren, Battle of Achren, Battle of Archen, Battle of Archen, Battle of the Trees, Battle of the Trees, Cad Godeu, Cad Godeu, Cath Godeu or Cath Godeu.

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