Battle of Fionn's Strand

Irish - The battle in which Finn mac Cool. Defeated Daire Donn. Daire Donn, King of the World, led an invasion fleet to Ireland at the instigation of a member of the Fianna who betrayed the trust placed in him by Finn mac Cool. The invaders were engaged by Conn Crithir, who was guarding the beach. He sent Taistealach to warn Finn who led the Fianna in a fierce fight that ended when all the invaders were killed. Daire himself was killed and decapitated by Finn, and Daire's son Conmhaol was killed by Goll mac Morna. This battle took place at Ventry in the south-west of Ireland. A similar story is told of the battle that took place at the ford below the Quicken Trees Hostel on the River Shannon. In this case, the King of the World was Sinsar and the heroic defenders were Innsa and Fiachna. Here too the invaders were all killed, Sinsar falling to Oscar, Finn's grandson. An earlier version had Art and Eoghan as sentries on the shore and they led a small force against a large invading army led by the two Norse kings, Conus and Conmhaol. When Finn arrived with reinforcements, he found both Art and Eoghan wounded but alive - all the rest were dead. Also identified as Battle of Fionn's Strand, Battle of Ventry, Battle of Ventry, Conmhaol, Conmhaol, Conus, Conus, Daire Donn, Daire Donn, Sinsar, Dara Donn, King of the World, Quicken Trees Hostel, Quicken Trees Hostel, Bruighean Caorthuin, Hostel of the Quicken Trees, Rowan Tree Hostel, Cath Fionntra(ga) or Cath Fionntra(ga).

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