Batara Guru

Malayan - A sky-god and creator-god. A name for Indra or Shiva in Java, Malaya, etc. Father of Boru Deak Parudjar. In Sumatra he is a creator-god whose daughter, Boru Deak, jumped into the primordial waters. Her father sent a bird with some soil to form the land and then a hero who defeated the underworld serpent, Naga Pahoda. This hero married Boru Deak and they produced the first mortal. In Sulawesi he is regarded as the son of Guru ri Seleng who married his cousin Nyilitimo, and they became the ancestors of the tribes. In some accounts, Boru Deak was the daughter of Ompu Tuhan, in others, Batara Guru is identified with Si Raya or with Mambang Tali Harus. Sometimes called Batara Guru, Baratra, Baratra, Batala, Batala, Bathala, Bathala, Shiva, Mahacabatara, Betara Guru, Betara Guru, Bharata-Guru, Bharata-Guru, Bhatara Guru, Bhatara Guru, Indra, Shiva, Bhattara Guru, Bhattara Guru, Indera, Indera, Indra Kamajaya, Japanese Taishaku, Sanskrit Indra, Venerable Teacher, Venerable Teacher, Worshipful Master, Worshipful Master, Bat(h)ala, Bat(h)ala, Bhat(t)ara, Bhat(t)ara, Guru, Guru, gosain, Pacific Islands Indera or Pacific Islands Indera.

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