Egyptian - A cat-headed or lion-headed fertilitygoddess and fire-goddess. Consort of Ra. Mother of Mihos. Mother of Bubastis, some say. In some versions she is the daughter of Ra, in others she is merged with the lion-headed goddess Sakhmet or with Isis. In some accounts she is Bubastis after the city that was the centre of her influence, in others Bubastis was her son. In her cat-headed form she was known as Pasht. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Bast, Ailuros, Ailuros, Atet, Atet, Mersekhnet, Ma(a)u, Bastet, Bastet, Bubastis, Bubastis, Little Cat, Little Cat, Mau, Mau, Maau, Mew, Mew, Ubastet, Ubastet, Ubasti, Ubasti, LittleCat, LittleCat, Pasht, Pasht, Sakhmet, Sakhmet, Great Cat, Hathor, Isis, Lady of the West, Mighty One, Mut, Powerful, The, Sachmet, Sekhauit, Sakhautet, Sekhem, Sekhet, Sekhmet, Sekmet, Semetet, Eye of Ra, Mekhit, Sechmet, Sekhautet, Sek(h)met, The Powerful, Babaylonian Allat, Greek Sakhmis, Shesmetet, Shesmetet, Greek Artemis, Greek Artemis, Aritimi, Aspalis, Bendis, Delia, Diana, Dzewana or Garbh Ogh.

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