Irish - A saint, patron saint of Cork. Son of Amergin. His father slept with a slave girl and King Tigernmas ordered their death. The child, still in the womb, spoke to the king who then changed his mind. The child, a boy called Loan, was raised by monks who called him Fionnbharra. He founded many monasteries and schools and was said to have raised the wife of a king from the dead. It was said that during a confession he placed his hand in the hand of God, and thereafter his hand glowed with a holy brilliance. At his death the sun stood still for three days. At times, referred to as Barra, Bairre, Bairre, Barrfhind, Barrfhind, Barry, Barry, Finbar, Finbar, Findbhair, Findbhair, Findbhaire, Findbhaire, Fionnbharra, Fionnbharra, Findbhair(e), Findbhair(e), Loan or Loan.

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