Egyptian - A ram-god, ruler of the sky. Consort of Hatmehyt. Father of Harpakhrad. This deity was believed to be an incarnation of Osiris. He was part of the Mendean Triad with Harpakhrad and Hatmehyt. In some references, identified as Banaded, Ba Neb Djedet, Ba Neb Djedet, Ba Neb Tettu, Ba Neb Tettu, Bandebdetet, Bandebdetet, Baneb-Ded, Baneb-Ded, Banebdjedet, Banebdjedet, Banebtettu, Banebtettu, Binded, Binded, Osiris, Osiris, An, Andjeti, An(d)jety, Apuatu, Asar(i), Asartaiti, Khenti-Amentiu, Mendes, Sekhemtaui, Unbu, Unneffer, Un(n)o, Wenneffer, Wennoffer, Winefred, Babylonian Nergal, Greek Dionysus, Hades, Rhot-Amenti, Serapis, Uasar, Ram of Mendes, Ram of Mendes, Ptah, Greek (Ram of) Mendes or Greek (Ram of) Mendes.

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