General - The one-eyed Fomoire god of the underworld. Son of Buarainech or Dot. Husband of Ceithlenn or Dana. Father of Ethlinn and Bres. Grandfather of Lugh. He lost one eye from poison administered by the druids when he saw their secret rituals. His remaining eye had the power to kill by a mere glance. It was said that it required four men to raise his eyelid. In some accounts he had one eye in the middle of his forehead. This eye had seven lids and the heat from the eye progressively increased as each lid was raised until, finally, it could set the countryside on fire. Others said it could turn animals or men into stone. A prophecy said that Balor would be killed by his grandson so he locked his daughter Ethlinn in a tower, Tur Bhalair, so that she could not be touched by any man. Cian gained access to her by disguising himself as a woman and seduced her. The child of this union, Lugh, was thrown into the sea on Balor's orders, but was rescued by the sea-god Manannan. He once stole the magic cow, Glas Gabnach, from Gobhniu who retrieved it by subterfuge. Some say that Balor invaded Ireland to recover the cow and the second Battle of Moytura ensued and here Lugh killed Balor with his spear or with a magic stone, Tathlum, flung from his sling into his grandfather's eye. On occassion, referred to as Balor, Balar, Balar, Bolur, Bolur, Bile, Bile, British Belinus or Welsh Beli.

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