Balkan Lore, Gods, Demigods, Heroes, Symbols, and Other Famous Mythological Characters


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Bukura e dheut

A benevolent fairy. She lives in a castle which is guarded by many wonderful creatures and has contact with the underworld. Occasionally known as Bukura e dheut.

Bukuri i qiellit

The name for god. This deity was originally one of the three gods of sky, ocean and underworld. On occassion, referred to as Bukuri i qiellit.


The devil in Albania. Sometimes referred to as Djall, Dreqi or Dreqi.


An Illyrian god later demoted to the status of a demon. Occasionally known as En.


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An Albanian female demon causing. Sickness. Occasionally referred to as Kukuth, Kukudhi or Kukudhi.


An Albanian male demon. In some accounts, identified as Kulsheder, femaleKulshedra or femaleKulshedra.


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An Albanian female demon. She causes drought which can be lifted only by the sacrifice of a virgin. Also known as Ljubi.

Martin Krpan

A Slovene hero who was an attendant of the Viennese emperor. In some references, identified as Martin Krpan.


An Albanian guardian goddess. It is said that each person has its own Ora to provide protection. Occasionally known as Ora.


An Albanian storm-god. In some lore, occasionally known as Perende, Perendi or Perendi.


Albanian mountain spirits. It was said that these spirits could punish people who wasted food by making them hunchbacked. Occasionally referred to as Perit.


An Albanian love-goddess. Consort of Perende. Also known as Prende, Prenne or Prenne.


Croat spirits of dead mothers: fate. Genii. Three of these beings are present at the birth of each child. Identified as Rodjenica, Rojenica, Rojenica, European Narucnici, European Narucnici, Russian Rozanica, Russian Rozanica or Narucnici.


A Lapp plague-spirit. On occassion, known as Rota.


An Albanian storm-god. Also commonly known as Shurdi.


A female demon in Albania. In some accounts she is a firebreathing dragon who guards a hoard of treasure. Identified as Stihi.


An Albanian god of fire and winds. Also known as Verbti.


Albanian spirits. These beings are usually beneficent and betray their presence in the house by causing stairs to creak and lights to flicker. In some lore, occasionally known as Xhindi.


An Albanian fairy. She is said to be protected by goats. In some references, known as Zana, Roman Diana, Roman Diana, Abnoba, Arduinna, Aritimi, Artemis, Delia, Devana, Dilwica or Dziewona.


A deity of the dawn in Illyria. Also commonly known as Zora.
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