British - A Knight of the Round Table. Brother of Balan. He had killed a cousin in a fair fight and had been unjustly imprisoned. He was the only knight at Arthur's court who could draw the sword that was brought by a damsel from Lyle, the Lady of Avalon. It had been her lover's sword and the Lady of Lyle had put a spell on it. The maiden, Colombe, warned him that he would use it to kill his best friend but he kept it and became the Knight of the Two Swords. He was then accused by the Lady of the Lake of killing her brother. He recognised her as the witch who had brought about the death of his mother and he cut off her head with the sword. Banished from the court, he sent the witch's head to his relatives and set out to find adventure. He was overtaken by Launceor who was intent on avenging the death of the Lady of the Lake and acquiring the magic sword, but Balin killed him in single combat. The damsel, Colombe, then arrived on the scene and killed herself by falling on her lover's sword. Riding on, he met his brother Balan. They planned to ride to Castle Terribil and kill Lord Royns who was besieging the castle, hoping thereby to regain the king's favour. They ambushed Royns and took him as their prisoner to Camelot, handing him over to the warders. The brothers helped Arthur in his subsequent battles with Nero, brother of Royns, and King Lot. When Harleus was killed by the invisible knight Garlon, Balin escorted the dead knight's lady in pursuit of his quest. She was attacked by a group of men when they arrived at a castle but Balin drove them off. They said they needed the blood of a virgin to save the life of the lady of the castle, so the girl gave them some of her blood, but it failed to cure the sick woman. This story is similar to that of Dindrane. Balin attended a tournament arranged by King Pelham and, when challenged by the invisible knight Garlon (who was Pelham's brother), cut off his head. Pelham then attacked Balin with a battle-axe and broke his sword. In searching for another weapon, Balin came to a room in which lay the perfectly preserved body of an old man with a strange spear. He seized the spear and killed or wounded Pelham, whereupon the castle was destroyed, killing most of those inside. Merlin told Balin that the body was that of Joseph of Arimathea and the spear was the one used by the centurion Longinus to pierce Christ's side at the Crucifixion. This spear and the Holy Grail had been brought to Britain by Joseph, an ancestor of Pelham. Balin's journeying then brought him to a castle where he was lavishly entertained until the lady of the castle said he must joust with the knight who guarded the nearby island. He crossed to the island by boat and fought the knight in red armour who rode out to challenge him. They fought so fiercely and each wounded the other so severely that they both died, but, before they expired, Balin discovered that the knight in red armour was his own brother, Balan. The prophecy of the sword had been fulfilled. Sometimes referred to as Balin, Knight of Two Swords, Knight of Two Swords, Balin or Meriadeuc.
Hindu - Son of Indra. Half brother of Sugriva. Husband of Dara. He was said to have been born from his half brother's hair. He challenged the demon Ravana to a contest and tied him in the coils of his long hair, parading him round the country to show off the captive demon. He also challenged his half brother Sugriva for his throne and used his magic power of reducing the strength of any opponent merely by looking at him. Rama was helping Sugriva and he grew stronger as Sugriva grew weaker until he finally burst out of hiding and killed Balin. Also commonly known as Balin, Knight of Two Swords, Knight of Two Swords, Balin or Meriadeuc.

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